Meet the Asda worker who looks so much like Ed Sheeran it’s unreal

An Asda worker from Manchester has made headlines due to his uncanny resemblance to Ed Sheeran.

Wesley Byrne, a 25-year-old Asda shelf stacker from Shaw in Greater Manchester,  says that he is constantly being ‘mobbed’ by people who are convinced that he is the actual Ed Sheeran – even when he’s at work and in uniform.

“I’ve developed a bit of a sense of when it’s going to happen – it happens all the time when I’m out and about,” said Byrne “Being stopped in the street and asked for pictures and autographs has started to happen more and more since he’s got bigger, especially if I’m out in Manchester.”


“Most people just shout and I wave back at them.”

Ed Sheeran lookalike Wesley Byrne
Ed Sheeran lookalike Wesley Byrne

Byrne says that he once even had to show his passport to a drunk reveller who wouldn’t accept that he wasn’t Sheeran in his frequent and lengthy attempts to convince people of his real identity.

“People ask for pictures with me whenever we go anywhere,” he continued. “A couple of times my girlfriend has glared at the women who shout and want pictures with me, she doesn’t handle it very well.

“A random guy on a night a few years back didn’t believe I wasn’t him. He spent a good 15 minutes convinced I was him and wasn’t having any of it when I said I wasn’t. He even wanted me to start singing. I said to him ‘I don’t know who you think I am but I can’t do that’.

“My mates just stood there laughing. I Googled him when I got home and it freaked me out a little bit when I saw how similar we looked.”


The doppelgänger is constantly being asked for autographs, but always refuses – even when he got swamped at Comic Con.

“Comic Con in Manchester last year was crazy,” said Byrne. “I normally spend a lot of money on a costume but that year I just wore regular clothes and I was mobbed by people thinking I was him.

“I kept tally – I was stopped by 52 people. It was just fun.”

Wesley, who admitted that he’s keen to kickstart a career as a professional lookalike, is currently learning acoustic guitar – but admits that his vocal abilities don’t quite match up with those of the man himself.

“My singing voice is terrible but I’m teaching myself how to play the guitar,” he said. “I’ve not made much progress but I’ve managed to pretty much learn ‘Shape Of You’.

“I’m going watching him in May at the Etihad Stadium. It would be great to meet him – I just think his story is amazing.

“He came up from nothing because of his raw talent and didn’t have to rely on gimmicks. He’s inspirational.”

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran

Meanwhile, Sheeran recently revealed that his next album would be taking a surprise direction – with a ‘lo-fi sound’ inspired by Bruce Springsteen.

As he prepares the victory lap for his massive-selling third album ‘÷‘ (having recently revealed a chart-topping new single with Beyonce), Sheeran told The Times of how he had been inspired by The Boss’ 1982 classic ‘Nebraska’.

“My plan is a lo-fi album that will be my lowest-selling, but most loved,” Sheeran said “I only heard Springsteen recently. I was with Kit [Harington] from Game Of Thrones. We had a night out in New York, got back to his hotel to drink more, and he played ‘Atlantic City’.

“Then, when I heard Nebraska…”

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Thursday 24 May – Manchester, Etihad Stadium
Friday 1 June – Glasgow, Hampden Park
Friday 8 June – Newcastle, St James’ Park
Friday 15 June – London, Wembley Stadium
Saturday 16 June – London, Wembley Stadium
Friday 22 June – Cardiff, Principality Stadium