Selena Gomez overtakes Justin Bieber for most-liked Instagram photo ever

The singer achieved the feat in just two weeks

Selena Gomez has taken over Justin Bieber in the most-liked Instagram photo stakes.

Gomez posted a photo to the social media site two weeks ago to promote the ‘Share A Coke And A Song’ campaign that she’s involved in.

In it, she is pictured drinking Coke from a glass bottle, which features her lyrics “You’re the spark” on the label.

when your lyrics are on the bottle

A photo posted by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

“When your lyrics are on the bottle,” she captioned the photo, along with an emoji with its tongue out.

It has now reached 4 million likes, which beats the previous most-liked photo by around 400,000 likes, as Billboard reports.

The second most-liked photo on Instagram is now Bieber’s throwback of him and Gomez.