Self Esteem on her next album: “Think ‘Olympic opening ceremony euphoria'”

On the BRITs 2022 red carpet, Rebecca Taylor also told us about the impact of 'Prioritise Pleasure', her new play, and whether or not Britney Spears has been in touch yet

Self Esteem has revealed that she intends her next album to have the vibe of “Olympic opening ceremony euphoria”. Watch our full video interview with Rebecca Taylor above.

Taylor was talking to NME on the red carpet of the BRIT Awards 2022, where she was nominated for Best New Artist, despite the acclaimed ‘Prioritise Pleasure‘ being her second album.

“I love it! Don’t take it away from me!” she said of her nomination. “I’ve been around for a long time, but I’m new in this sort of world – and I’m the best one!”


She continued :”I’m just ready for a drink, but I’m good! I want to wait until I know that I’m definitely not winning until I do that, but yes! Of course, I love freebies. I’m ready for a good feed as well.”

Asked what it was about 2021’s ‘Prioritise Pleasure’ that seemed to have caught so many people’s hearts and imaginations, Taylor replied: “I’m not sure really. Maybe the pandemic made people as depressed as I am at all times, so that was cool. The penny-dropping moment that I went through when I wrote it, I think that’s happening collectively to everyone who feels ‘othered’. I don’t think it’s that radical but everyone is telling me it is and that’s quite depressing – that me saying I want what I want is radical. But it’s fine, we move!”

Speaking about the rest of her year, Taylor told about plans to play festivals and headline shows, adding: “then who knows? I might make another album or try and milk this one for a bit longer! We’ll see how tired I am.”

What might album Number Three sound like? “Think ‘Olympic opening ceremony euphoria’,” she replied.

NME Cover 2021 Self Esteem

The last time Taylor spoke to NME was for her August 2021 Big Read cover story in which she adopted the pose of Britney Spears from a Rolling Stone cover from the ’90s.


On the impact of the image, Taylor told us this week: “I haven’t heard from Britney. It went down fine! It was great! When I do these things and I get an idea, it’s rare that I’m allowed to do it – so thanks NME for indulging me! But that’s a dangerous precedent to set…”

So Britney’s not slid into her DMs yet?

“Not yet, but she’s very welcome to!”

Meanwhile, Taylor was also this week announced having written the music for new play Prima Facie, starring Killing Eve star Jodie Comer.

“A theatre producer just got in touch,” Taylor told us of how the job came about. “The play deals with a lot of stuff that my record deals with, and I got a proper job. They give women jobs now! It’s amazing. It’s going on my CV: I’m a composer for hire!”

Watch our full interview with Taylor above where she also talks to us about her hopes to party with collaborate with Becky Hill, and plans to “get really smashed” after the ceremony.

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