Seohyun says Girls’ Generation want to show they are still “properly united”

“We were in a dilemma about our appearance on ‘You Quiz On The Block’”

Girls’ Generation member Seohyun has shared more about why the girl group decided to finally reunite.

Earlier this month, all eight members of K-pop act appeared on an episode of the popular South Korean TV series You Quiz On The Block in celebration of their 14th anniversary. Their appearance on the programme had marked the group’s first official activity as a group in four years.

In a new interview with 1st Look magazine, Seohyun said that the octet always “want to do something special” for their anniversaries, as translated by Soompi. However, they had been unsure of what to do this year “since we’re all busy with our own schedules [and it’s] hard to meet up at the same time.”


“We were also in a dilemma about our appearance on You Quiz on the Block,” Seohyun said, adding that the members all had different opinions. “But we agreed to show the public that we were properly united.”

The singer-actress later spoke about how it felt to finally reunite with the girl group – in the episode, the girl group said it had been a year since all of them last met up together – after such a long time.

“When we all shouted Girls’ Generation’s slogan, I felt somewhat emotional. Before, it was common for us to say it, but now I realized that it’s a special thing to gather together and say the slogan as a group,” she added.

Last month, Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon joined SM labelmate Key on his new single ‘Hate That…’ in anticipation of his upcoming mini-album next week. ‘Hate That…’ marks the SHINee member’s first solo release in nearly three years, since his 2019 project ‘I Wanna Be’.