Sepultura quash ‘rumours and lies’ about potential reunion – video

Band lash out at Max Cavalera

Sepultura have issued a statement in an attempt to quash rumours that they will be reunited with original frontman Max Cavalera and his brother and former band drummer Igor Cavalera.

Max Cavalera left the band in 1996 after the other three members decided to fire their manager Gloria Bujnowski, who was also the singer’s wife.

He went onto form Soulfly but has been talking about the possibility of a reunion, telling that only Sepultura bassist Paulo Pinto Jnr stood in the way of the band’s former line-up reuniting.


The band have now told fans that no reunion will happen. In a video statement, which you can watch by scrolling down and clicking below below, guitarist Andreas Kisser attmpted to end the speculation once and for all.

“Don’t listen to rumours anymore,” he said. “We’re tired of listening to the bullshit that Max is talking all over the world. There’s no communication. There’s no talks about any type of reunion with the Cavaleras. We’re Sepultura for 26 years and we’re celebrating it. I hope this is the end of the rumours and lies.”

Kisser also confirmed that the band have just signed to Nuclear Blast Recordings and will be going out on a full world tour in the near future.