Max Cavalera plays Sepultura greatest hits show at Download

His son Richie joins band on stage too

Cavalera Conspiracy surprised fans tonight (June 15) by playing a Sepultura greatest hits show on the Tuborg stage.

Taking to the stage at 9pm (BST), the quartet, made up of ex-Sepultura frontman Max Cavalera and his brother Igor Cavalera played for just over an hour.

With flashing lights and smoke filling the stage the foursome were obviously excited about their headline slot and headbanged and moshed throughout.


Playing a set packed full of Sepultura tracks, including ‘Inner Self’ from their debut album and ‘Wasting Away’, the crowd cheered back loudly after every track.

In the early part of the set, Max Cavalera asked the crowd to cheer, saying: “My son Richie‘s going to come on.”

The gathered throng responded with shouts while his son came onstage to lend his vocals to a track from the new ‘Cavalera Conspiracy’ album.

Then, after his son walked off, the band performed ‘Arise’, which saw Max Cavalera playing his Brazilian flag guitar.

‘Attitude’ from the album ‘Roots’ followed as the band continued their Sepultura hit parade sending the crowd wild.

Upon hearing this track, from the band’s most successful album, the gathered fans started clapping along in time.


‘Blood Brawl’ saw the frontman headbanging his dreads in a frenzy as plastic bottles and flying loo rolls flew across the arena.

The band then brought on a special guest with Cavalera explaining: “We’ve got a friend here who’s been a fan of Sepultura for ages…”

Dave Peters from Throwdown then came on stage to share vocal duties for ‘Propaganda’.

Download festival-goers responded by going mental while crowd surfers swamped the barriers.

Then, as the track closed, Cavalera asked: “What do you motherfuckers want to hear now?”

Cavalera replied to the crowd’s suggestions with: “What about ‘Refuse’?”

The crowd then cheered loudly before the foursome launched into the track.

For next song, ‘Troops Of Doom’, Max Cavalera told the crowd that the band were playing it at Igor‘s request, giving a nod to his drummer brother.

After the band left the stage, Igor Cavalera came back on from behind the drumkit and walked to the front of stage.

He then shouted in a thick Brazilian accent: “Yo, I want to see the biggest mosh pit in Donington‘s history – you guys want to make a record?”

Cavalera Conspiracy then launched into ‘Roots Bloody Roots’, which caused the mass of people gathered at the Tuborg stage to oblige with a massive mosh as the set reached its climax.

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