Serj Tankian responds to viral clip of System of a Down fans at Nigerian wedding

Tweeting glee at the dancefloor festivities

System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian has responded to a viral video of Nigerian wedding guests rocking out to the band’s 2001 hit ‘Toxicity’.

The short clip features revellers headbanging and singing along to the track, which soon caught the attention of both Tankian – who described the footage as “simply awesome” – and Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello.

“Today I learned that Nigerian weddings and me cleaning my house have the same soundtrack and energy,” one Twitter user joked. Watch the energetic video below.


Both bands’ political lyrics have been under the spotlight recently, with Morello responding to conservative Rage Against The Machine fans earlier this month (June 9).

On Wednesday (June 17), Tankian went a step further by stating that System of a Down fans who love Donald Trump are “hypocrites”.

The message potentially extended to the band’s own drummer, John Dolmayan, with both Tankian and Dolmayan voicing their opposing views on Trump and the politics of SOAD over the past month.

System Of A Down
System Of A Down in 2005 (Picture: Getty)


“A very early @systemofadown song that was on one of our demos — lyrics below,” Tankian wrote on twitter, including a link to ‘Temper’. “If you love this song or play along to it and love Trump, you’re a hypocrite — just a simple fact.”

Meanwhile, Dolmayan has said that it’s “very unlikely” that the band will release a new album – but not, apparently, due to political disparities within the band.

The California outfit last released full-length records in 2005 with ‘Mesmerize’ and ‘Hypnotize’.

Though they’ve been in the studio on a number of occasions since going on hiatus in 2011, no new music from SOAD has emerged. In 2018, Tankian and co. attempted to work on an LP but were plagued by creative differences.