Serj Tankian reveals how creative clashes have prevented a new System Of A Down record

"My only regret is that we have been collectively unable to give you another SOAD record."

Serj Tankian has opened up on the lack of new material from System Of A Down, while also admitting that he’s to blame for the band’s previous hiatus.

The SOAD frontman opened up in a Facebook post, after a recent interview from bandmate Daron Malakian claimed that Tankian was to blame.

Speaking to Kerrang, Malakian said that Tankian was previously reluctant to record the band’s 2005 albums ‘Mezmerize’ and ‘Hypnotize’.


Confessions about Soad by Serj Tankian We are extremely lucky mofos for our fans to want a record out of our ragtag…

Posted by Serj Tankian on Thursday, July 12, 2018

He also says that the singer has been at odds with the rest of the band ever since about the best way to record a new album.

Responding to the claims in a lengthy Facebook post, Tankian admitted that he took the decision for the band’s hiatus in 2006.

“It is true that I and only I was responsible for the hiatus SOAD took in 2006. Everyone else wanted to continue at the same pace to tour and make records”, he admitted.

System Of A Down (Photo by Mick Hutson/Redferns)

Tankian also confirmed Malakian’s admission that he was reluctant to record the two 2005 albums.


“I wanted to leave the band before Mezmerize/Hypnotize for these developing reasons. This is why I personally don’t feel as close to the music on those records”, he said.

“There were songs I wanted to bring in but was hampered by unkept promises coupled by my own passivity at the time.”

And as far as a new album is concerned, it seems that SOAD aren’t all entirely on the same page just yet.

Upon reuniting, Tankian approached his bandmates with the idea of “a new concept or theme so that it’s not just a record but a full experience.”

But it seems that this hasn’t quite worked out yet.

“My only regret is that we have been collectively unable to give you another SOAD record. For that I apologize”, he said.

Despite the apparent infighting and lack of new material, the band are still very much together – with a US tour planned for the end of this year.