Serpentwithfeet puts his spin on a Lesley Gore classic with ‘You Don’t Own Me / Canopy’

The experimental R&B artist's first new work since he dropped 'Deacon' in March

Serpentwithfeet (aka Josiah Wise) has released a breezy new single, ‘You Don’t Own Me / Canopy’.

The first half of the track, as its title implies, is a cover of Lesley Gore’s 1963 single ‘You Don’t Own Me’. Wise’s rift on it retains the original version’s gloomy, downbeat vibe, but spins it through a web of sharp, minimalist beats and summery vocal harmonies.

On the second half of the track, Wise dips into the melancholic, lovelorn moodiness he’s best known for. It’s a seamless transition, with the Gore-influenced melody coasting throughout the whole song.


Watch the video for ‘You Don’t Own Me / Canopy’ below:

Serpentwithfeet released his second full-length album, ‘Deacon’, back in March. It featured three singles: ‘Fellowship’, ‘Same Size Shoe’ and ‘Heart Storm’.

In a four-star review for NME, writer El Hunt said the record “makes masterful use of musical restraint, nodding in the direction of ‘90s and early ’00s R&B classics without simply rehashing their old tricks”.

At the start of the year, Serpentwithfeet teamed up with DJ and fashion designer Virgil Abloh for the track ‘Delicate Limbs’.


Last year, he made a cameo on the Ty Dolla $ign track ‘Ego Death’, alongside Kanye West, FKA Twigs and Skrillex.

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