Seth Rogen reveals why he turned down a basketball game with Kanye West

"Kanye who?"

Comedian Seth Rogen has revealed that he turned down a basketball game with  Kanye West because he was “so hungover”.

Rogen revealed his run-in with the hip-hop megastar to Rolling Stone during an episode of their video series ‘First Times’, which you can watch below.

Recalling the first time he met Kanye, Rogen said: “About 12 years ago my house was right round the corner from a personal trainer who trains famous people, and he trained Kanye West. One morning I was leaving my house and Kanye West jogged by me and said ‘you’re a funny motherfucker’!”

Two weeks later Rogen was sleeping in on the weekend after a heavy night’s drinking when he heard his wife answer a call on the intercom system. “She goes, ‘Who is this?’ and then I heard her go, ‘Kanye’ who?'” Rogen recalled.

“And then I was like, ‘Oh, no! It’s Kanye West!’ And I ran downstairs, and he was literally standing downstairs with a basketball under his arm and was like, ‘You wanna come play?’ – like he was just a kid in the neighborhood. And I was like, ‘Dude, I’m so hungover. I can’t do this.’ I’ve run into him periodically over the years. And I love Kanye West.”

Rogen’s next feature is the movie Good Boys, which he is co-producing with his Superbad writing partner Evan Goldberg. Earlier today (August 2) the film was embroiled in controversy after it was reported that a complaint has reportedly been filed after a stand-in child actor was photographed on set with make-up applied to seemingly darken his face.

Rogen is not the only Canadian comedian to share stories about encounters with Kanye. Last month, Jonah Hill revealed what Kanye West‘s Wyoming listening party for ‘Ye‘ was like.

Hill called it “a beautiful experience”, but also said his sister didn’t speak to him for a week because she didn’t agree with supporting West after his recent controversies, including wearing a Make America Great Again hat.