SEVENTEEN tease new mini-album ‘Attacca’ with “highlight medley”

Including the digital-only track ‘2 Minus 1’ by members Vernon and Joshua

SEVENTEEN have released a “highlight medley” for their upcoming mini-album, ‘Attacca’.

The video sees members of the group take the mic to perform short snippets of all seven songs from the forthcoming project, including the digital-only track ‘2 Minus 1’ by members Vernon and Joshua.

Each song gets its own mini-music video to accompany the previews, with the viewers taken through chemistry labs, neon warehouses and lush gardens as part of the group’s performance.


Due out October 22, ‘Attacca’ will be the group’s ninth mini-album and the much-anticipated follow-up to their June project ‘Your Choice’. Last month, the 13-member group released a concept trailer titled ‘Rush Of Love’ in anticipation of the forthcoming release.

Aside from music video teasers, members Mingyu and Seungkwan also danced to a snippet of the group’s upcoming new single ‘Rock With You’ during their guest appearances on the variety show Amazing Saturday.

Pledis Entertainment previously announced that the group would promote ‘Attaca’ as an 11-member group. The agency explained that the group’s two Chinese members – The8 and Jun – would be returning to their home country to “resume their work in China that had been postponed by COVID-19”.

In other SEVENTEEN news, member Jeonghan previously surprised fans with a digital single titled ‘Dream’, available in both Korean and Japanese. The digital single was written and composed by the K-pop idol, and is also his first-ever solo release since he made his debut with SEVENTEEN in 2015.