SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi reveals the inspiration behind ‘Spider’

He says a tarot card reading spurred him to write the song

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi has shared the inspiration behind his first-ever solo release, ‘Spider’.

In a recent interview with Esquire Korea, the K-pop idol shared that he began working on the song in 2018, after a tarot card reading revealed that he would release a solo song in 2021. “It also said that I would fail if I didn’t prepare extremely hard. I’m normally not the type to believe these things, but it somehow made me believe it,” he said, as translated by Soompi.

Enlisting the help of SEVENTEEN’s Woozi, who co-writes and -produces most of the group’s songs, he was able to put the track together after the group’s 2020 world tour was cancelled due to COVID-19. “If I couldn’t perform on stage, I wanted to at least release a song through SoundCloud for my fans to hear,” he said.


“I made one or two songs like that, and in no time, I had over 10 songs I produced myself,” he added. “I’m a bit embarrassed to say this myself, but there are a lot of good songs.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Hoshi also teased that SEVENTEEN are currently working on a new comeback for sometime this year. “Woozi is working hard on song producing, while the other members are also taking care of themselves well for the comeback,” he said.

Earlier this month, NME‘s Puah Ziwei described Hoshi’s ‘Spider’ as a “captivating, sultry R&B tune… that seems to lay the groundwork for a potentially iconic future solo career” in a glowing four-star review.