SEVENTEEN set the world ablaze in music video for new single ‘Hot’

The 13-piece's fourth studio album 'Face The Sun' is out now

SEVENTEEN have dropped their new single ‘Hot’, a cut from their latest full-length album ‘Face The Sun’.

In the brazen new visual, the 13 members of the K-pop boyband make their way across an almost-barren desert, performing the song’s choreography against the backdrop of a construction site around a partially-built structure that appears to be a giant palm.

“Face the sun, set it on fire / So hot / Face the sun, set it on fire / This song’s sizzling, everybody join in,” they chant on the song’s high-octane chorus. It’s the second single from ‘Face The Sun’, following the English track ‘Darl+ing’.


‘Face The Sun’, which dropped alongside ‘Hot’, features seven other brand-new tracks from the boyband. As usual, all of the songs were co-written and -composed by member Woozi and frequent SEVENTEEN collaborator and producer Bumzu. Other members of the boyband, including Vernon, Hoshi and S.Coups, also contributed to the record.

Notably, ‘Darl+ing’ had been the first original English song to be performed by all 13 members of SEVENTEEN. Prior to this, several sub-units and solo members of the group had released a number of songs in English. These include Vernon and Joshua on ‘2 Minus 1’ from SEVENTEEN’s previous mini-album ‘Attacca’ released in May 2021, and Woozi with his solo mixtape ‘Ruby’.

The release of ‘Face The Sun’ marks SEVENTEEN’s first domestic release of 2022, arriving nearly three years after the group’s previous full-length record, ‘An Ode’, which dropped back in September 2019. That album had featured 11 tracks, and was led by the title track ‘Fear’.

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