SEVENTEEN say there is “more pressure” to challenge themselves creatively

"We can't always perform the same type of music"

K-pop boyband SEVENTEEN have admitted that there is “pressure” to reach new heights and challenge themselves creatively and musically with each release.

During a recent interview with The Zach Sang Show, the 13-member act reminisced on their growth since they started working together as trainees, speaking on how their music has evolved since their early days. Despite their tremendous success, main vocalist Seungkwan also admitted that “as much as [they’ve] grown, there’s also more pressure”.

The group then elaborated on this comment, revealing that they “think deeply” about the creative processes behind each release “a lot”. Seungkwan added that “we can’t always perform the same type of music [so] we think about what our CARATs (SEVENTEEN’s fanbase) would like”.


SEVENTEEN elaborated on the difficulties they face with this, saying that the pressure to produce fresh sounds builds and creates a “dilemma” at times. Despite that, the group also shared that they think they have done a “pretty good job” at handling this pressure thus far.

Elsewhere during the interview, the boyband also spoke about the intentions behind their music. They shared that they make music for both themselves and their listeners, with rapper Vernon adding that the best part about being able to make their own music is the freedom to “do what we want to do”.

SEVENTEEN recently made their return with the mini-album ‘Your Choice’. In a gleaming four-star review, NME’s Puah Ziwei said “the [boyband’s] experimentation with their musicality [on the record]… prove that the group have not lost their touch or creative streak”.

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