SEVENTEEN drop music video for new Japanese single, ‘Not Alone’

The group have also rerecorded their Korean hits for the B-sides

SEVENTEEN have dropped the music video for their newly released Japanese single, ‘Not Alone’.

The bright and upbeat video showcases the boyband’s thirteen members on video calls with each other. The clip also features colourful imagery alongside the song’s upbeat melody, as well as scenes of the group hanging out in a supermarket and performing the song in the middle of a stadium.



Aside from ‘Not Alone’, the new single will also include of Japanese versions of Korean-language songs like ‘Run To You’ (from the ‘Director’s Cut’ album) and ‘Home;run’ (from 2020’s ‘Semicolon’) on the B-side.

‘Not Alone’ is also SEVENTEEN’s first Japanese single of the year, following ’24H’ and ‘Fallin’ Flower’ from 2020. The latter song earned the group the honor of being the only K-pop artist to chart in the Top 10 Billboard Japan Annual Singles Sales Chart in the year of its release.

SEVENTEEN’s Japanese comeback comes just days after a flurry of solo releases from various members of the group this year. Earlier this week, The8 released his first-ever Korean-language single ‘Side by Side’, which is also available in Chinese, where he sings of an unrequited romance.

Meanwhile, the group’s main dancer and choreographer Hoshi had also previously dropped his solo mixtape ‘Spider’ on April 2. In a glowing four-star reviewNME‘s Puah Ziwei called the song “a winning combination of music, visuals and sheer talent”.