SEVENTEEN on the importance of making their own music: “This is like our philosophy”

"This feels quite natural and standard now"

SEVENTEEN have shared their values and reasons behind the importance they place on producing their own music.

The boyband recently discussed the group’s culture of being deeply involved in their music-making process with Entertainment Tonight, from writing lyrics and producing songs to creating their accompanying choreography.

“Rather than this being hugely significant, we’ve all been directly involved in our music and participating in the overall album creation processes since our debut that this feels quite natural and standard now,” said Woozi, who has been behind a large majority of SEVENTEEN’s discography as a writer and producer since they debuted in 2015.


“There also seems to be many more Carats [SEVENTEEN’s official fanbase] who appreciate that about us,” the singer-songwriter explained. He also added that each SEVENTEEN member participates in every album “with a deep affection” in order to “meet these increasing expectations and reciprocate all the love we have received”. “This is like our philosophy for music now,” he concluded.

Hoshi, who is the leader of the group’s Performance Team, also chimed in with his thoughts. “Ultimately, these are our performances, and we have such great affection for them,” he revealed. “We all passionately share our ideas and participate enthusiastically because that’s what allows us to perform even more confidently on stage.”

SEVENTEEN recently returned with their ninth mini-album ‘Attacca’, featuring lead single ‘Rock With You’. The group will be promoting the record as an 11-member group, after Chinese members The8 and Jun have returned to China for the remainder of the year to “resume their work in China that had been postponed by COVID-19”.