SEVENTEEN reveal ‘Rock With You’ went through “endless revisions”

“Everyone including our members, our label, our producing team had conflicting opinions”

SEVENTEEN have opened up about the creative process behind their recent single ‘Rock With You’.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone for its The Breakdown series, SEVENTEEN members Joshua, Vernon and Woozi delve into the making of the group’s latest single, taken from their ninth mini-album ‘Attaca’.

“If we’re talking demos, there were countless versions of them,” said the group’s producer, Woozi. According to the members, the group had a difficult time settling on the track’s melody and key.


Woozi went on to reveal that while most of the group’s song are largely finalised when the time comes for them to record, this was not the case with ‘Rock With You.’ “Revisions, revisions, revisions… The song really went through endless revisions,” he said.

“Everyone including our members, our label, our producing team had conflicting opinions,” shared the idol-producer, as members Joshua and Vernon nodded in agreement. “We went through several recording processes, too,” added the latter.

Later, the trio singled out the guitar riff from ‘Rock With You’ as the song’s “key point”. Woozi went on to isolate the sound, explaining that they had included bits of it throughout the track. “After receiving the recorded guitar sound, we sampled it additionally, then chopped it and inserted it in the parts we wanted,” he added. “And that’s it! One fun easter egg.”

“Thinking about it now, it was probably a tedious process,” said Vernon, to which the SEVENTEEN producer agreed, but went on to state that it was “worth it for the quality”.


Earlier this month, SEVENTEEN unveiled a live band version of ‘Rock With You’ on their official YouTube channel. The new rendition, backed by a live band, featured a notably stronger rock sound, alongside their crisp vocals and energetic performances.