SEVENTEEN’s agency hints at solo releases from all members

Member Hoshi recently dropped his first solo song ‘Spider’

All members of K-pop boyband SEVENTEEN might release solo music in the near future, according to their agency Pledis Entertainment.

The company recently released details about the first instalment of ‘The Thirteen Tapes’, the group’s upcoming interview and photobook series. In its announcement, Pledis said that the series is set to “[commemorate] the releases of the SEVENTEEN members’ mixtapes”, noting that it began with Hoshi‘s first solo release ‘Spider’.

The agency added that future editions of ‘The Thirteen Tapes’ will coincide with the release of mixtapes from the other members of SEVENTEEN. “A new volume of [‘The Thirteen Tapes’] will be published each time a member releases their mixtape,” it said. It’s currently unknown when the other members of SEVENTEEN will unveil their solo music.


Hoshi released ‘Spider’ earlier this month and recently revealed that a tarot card reading in 2018 had spurred him to write the song. In a glowing four-star review, NME called the song a “winning combination of music, visuals and sheer talent” that is a “promising sneak peek at what might be on the horizon” for the singer.

The group’s Chinese-born member The8 – real name Xu Minghao – also recently released a solo track called ‘Side By Side’. The song, which was released in both Korean and Chinese, is his third solo single, following last year’s ‘Falling Down’ and 2019’s ‘Dreams Come True’.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN made their return as a full group on April 19 with the brand-new Japanese single ‘Not Alone’. The single release also included Japanese versions of Korean-language songs ‘Run To You’ (from their 2018 album ‘Director’s Cut’) and ‘Home;run’ (from 2020’s ‘Semicolon’) on the B-side.

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