Hear a preview of SEVENTEEN’s upcoming single ‘Rock With You’

Their ninth mini-album ‘Attaca’ arrives this week

SEVENTEEN members Mingyu and Seungkwan have shared a sneak peek of their group’s upcoming new single ‘Rock With You’.

On October 16, Mingyu and Seungkwan made guest appearances on the South Korean variety show Amazing Saturday. During their time on the programme, the idols previewed their forthcoming single ‘Rock With You’, from their ninth mini-album ‘Attaca’, which arrives on Friday (October 22).

The duo took turns to dance to a snippet of the song, showcasing its choreography. Shortly after the episode aired, fancams of the pair performing the song were uploaded onto the official YouTube channel of Amazing Saturday.


Last month, the 13-member group released a concept trailer titled ‘Rush Of Love’ in anticipation of the forthcoming release. The minute-long trailer opened with the word “boyhood” being scratched out, quickly followed by a teddy bear set on fire, signalling the beginning of a new era for the boyband.

‘Attacca’ will be the group’s ninth mini-album and the much-anticipated follow-up to their June project ‘Your Choice’. While the ‘Rush Of Love’ was recorded with all 13 members, Pledis Entertainment previously announced that the group would promote the release as an 11-member group.

The agency explained that the group’s two Chinese members – The8 and Jun – would be returning to their home country to “resume their work in China that had been postponed by COVID-19”.

It noted that this was also an opportunity for them to “spend time with their families after having been forced to stay apart from them for a considerable amount of time due to the pandemic”.