Watch SEVENTEEN’s Vernon and Joshua perform ‘2 Minus 1’ live

A digital-exclusive from the boyband's latest mini-album, 'Attacca'

SEVENTEEN have dropped a live performance of their ‘Attacca’ digital-only track, ‘2 Minus 1’.

Two of SEVENTEEN’s members, Vernon and Joshua, made a guest appearance on Genius’ ‘Open Mic’ session, where they performed their recently released duet ‘2 Minus 1’, which was a digital-exclusive track from the group’s ‘Attacca’ mini-album.

The two idols, accompanied by a live band complete with a keyboardist, drummer and guitarist, perform live from a rustic rooftop of a high-rise building overlooking the Seoul skyline.


“Two minus one / I can see you’re doing really good without me, baby / Two minus one
I’m doing great myself / Hope you know I am,” 
they harmonise on the chorus of the pop punk-inspired English track.

‘Attacca’ is SEVENTEEN’s ninth mini-album, and is the follow-up to their June project ‘Your Choice’. The former featured six new songs from the boyband aside from ‘2 Minus 1’, including its lead single ‘Rock With You’ and tracks from the group’s three sub-units – the Vocal, Performance and Hip-Hop Teams.

The group revealed in an interview with Rolling Stone for its The Breakdown series that ‘Rock With You’ had seen “endless revisions”, due to “conflicting opinions” from everyone involved in its conception, including the group’s 13 members, their label Pledis Entertainment and their team of producers.

“Thinking about it now, it was probably a tedious process,” said Vernon, to which Woozi, who was largely involved in the production of ‘Rock With You’, agreed, but went on to state that it was “worth it for the quality”.

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