Although the punk rockers will reform, it won't be until later in the summer...

THE SEX PISTOLS will reform for summer live shows – but they won’t play on the QUEEN’s GOLDEN JUBILEE.

The band had been rumoured to be playing live around June 3, to coincide with the holiday that marks 50 years of the Queen’s reign.

However, their promotions manager John Giddings has told the Reuters news service that although a live show is being planned in London, it won’t be until later in the summer.

He said: “They simply didn’t want to play that weekend (June 3) and it will not go ahead.”

A date of July 21 for a show, possibly at the Crystal Palace National Sports Stadium, is being touted as a possibility.

Giddings continued: “The concert will be at a palace but who knows which one? I can say it will take place this summer within the M25 and will feature all four original members.”

The Sex Pistols are planning to re-release their classic ‘God Save The Queen’ on May 27.