'High Performance' shows previously unseen footage of the band's notorious 1976 trip to Wales...

A new TV documentary will take a close look at one of the Sex Pistols most notorious gigs this weekend.

‘High Performance’, to be broadcast on HTV Wales on Sunday December 9, features previously unseen footage of the punk legends playing in Caerphilly on December 14, 1976 – just days after the Bill Grundy four-letter outburst which led to most of the group’s ‘Anarchy In The UK’ tour being cancelled in the face of a major public outcry.

Bass player Glen Matlock is interviewed about the gig – as are several people who took part in a carol-singing protest against the “foul-mouthed yobs” who had rolled into town with The Damned, The Clash and Johnny Thunders in tow.

Matlock says today: “It was unbelievable – all these people saying we were sinners.”

Producer Clive Flowers said: “It was a unique time, and the people who were there tell a wonderful story.

“The original Welsh punks were very hardcore indeed. While the whole of London was talking about safety pins, the Welsh lot were actually putting them through their cheeks.”