'Destroy: Sex Pistols 1977' features over 170 photographs...

‘DESTROY: SEX PISTOLS 1977’, a photographic journal of the Sex Pistols through the year they reached their peak and inflamed a nation, is set to republished in June to coincide with what is billed as the 25th anniversary of punk.

Over 170 photos of the band are collected in the book, all taken by Dennis Morris who back then was an 18-year-old hired as the Sex Pistols‘ official photographer. The book captures the video shoot for chart-topping and banned ‘God Save The Queen’, the Thames River boat trip that ended with manager Malcolm McLaren’s arrest, the band at various UK shows, images of Johnny Rotten, Sid and Nancy, Vivienne Westwood and a youthful Richard Branson – who signed them to his Virgin label – and all the associated players who contributed to the Sex Pistols circus.

A photo exhibition is also being planned for June, a month that will see ‘God Save The Queen’ re-released and the band themselves supposedly reforming for anniversary shows.

‘Destroy: Sex Pistols 1977’ will be published through Creation books.