A new Internet game to promote the Australian release of 'The Filth And The Fury' allows users to gob on "Conservative fuckers"...

Almost 25 years after they were at their peak, the Sex Pistols are again urging fans to gob on establishment figures.

On an Australian website ([url=] set up to promote Julian Temple‘s ‘The Filth and the Fury’ documentary, they have installed a game that allows users to spit on “Conservative fuckers”.

The game is set in London‘s legendary 100 Club, the venue of some of the Pistols‘ most memorable gigs. Users collect points my clicking on (spitting on) the moving heads of, amongst others, the Queen, Margaret Thatcher and Australian premier John Howard. Each of the four remaining Sex Pistols are also featured.


In an addition twist on the same theme, Punk Invaders superimposes the heads of similar establishment figures onto targets in a variation of Space Invaders.

The Julien Temple-directed film, which includes before unseen footage of Sid Vicious‘s last interview, recorded in Hyde Park weeks before his heroin overdose death in early 1979, is now on general release in Australia and still in selected cinemas in the UK.