Artists featured will include Woody Guthrie, the Sex Pistols and, we kid you not, George Michael...

A university in GLASGOW is about to open what it believes to be the world’s first centre for political song – featuring everything from 19th century protest songs to tracks by the SEX PISTOLS and possibly GEORGE MICHAEL.

Caroline Cochrane, development officer for the project at Glasgow Caledonian University, told NME.COM that the centre had been planned for a number of years.

She added: “Janey Buchan, former Labour MEP, first hit upon it in 1993 when she donated a large collection of books belonging to her and her late husband Norman to start the development of Special Collections at Glasgow Caledonian University Library.”

It took several years from then to build up the core archive ranging from old 45s, tapes and CDs, to lyric sheets, serial parts and collections of songs.

Amongst the more contemporary items are recordings of ‘God Save The Queen’ and ‘Anarachy In The UK’ by the Sex Pistols, as well as a large collection of works by Woody Guthrie. Cochrane added that the collection would be “all inclusive”, stretching from 10th century monks’ plainsongs to material from George Michael.

“When Kosovar refugees emerged recently from detention camps they were singing ‘Freedom’ by George Michael and in that context the song could soon be included,” she said.

The Centre For Political Song will be open to both academics and members of the public from early summer.