Glen Matlock will narrate the two-part retrospective...

Former Sex Pistols bassist GLEN MATLOCK is to present a two-part documentary on punk rock for BBC RADIO 2.

The show, ‘Anarchy In The UK’, will be broadcast at 8pm (GMT) on June 3. It will feature interviews with John Lydon, Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren and former Clash manager Bernie Rhodes.

The first show will examine the rise of punk music in the early 70’s, while the second programme, broadcast on June 10, will look at UK punk between 1976-78.


A spokesperson for Radio 2 told that although it may seem out of character for Radio 2 to be covering punk, people who were into punk in the 70’s are probably over 40 years old now, making them regular Radio 2 listeners.

Radio 2 Managing Editor Lesley Douglas added: “Punk changed the musical landscape of the country. We’re not just playing punk music in this series, we’re looking at what effect it had on the music that came out of it – for example, artists like Elvis Costello and Ian Dury, who we regularly feature on Radio 2.”

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