Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones: ‘Glen Matlock was a middle-class mommy’s boy’

Guitarist also says he's 'tired' of bassist claiming he 'was the songwriter' for the band

Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones has called the band’s former bassist Glen Matlock a “middle-class mommy’s boy”.

In an interview with adult publication Hustler, Jones said he was “tired” of Matlock’s claims that he had co-written some of the punk icon’s biggest tunes including ‘God Save The Queen’, and insisted that he had hated some of singer John Lydon’s controversial lyrics.

Discussing Matlock, who was one of the founding members of the Sex Pistols but was replaced by Sid Vicious in 1977, Jones said: “As much as he likes claiming he wrote ‘God Save The Queen, ‘Anarchy In The U.K.’ and ‘Pretty Vacant’, at the time he hated the words, which John [Lydon] wrote. Glen’s mom didn’t like it… He was a bit of a middle-class mommy’s boy, really, [and] Sid looked the part.”


He went on to add:

We wrote all the songs when Glen was in the band, but as far as the chemistry goes? I liked Sid… Glen’s attitude? He was a bit of a wanker, to be honest with you.

Jones finished by saying: “I’m tired of Glen Matlock saying he was the songwriter for the Sex Pistols. I co-wrote as many songs… but I don’t go shouting about it.

“Every time I read it, it bugs me. If he was such a great songwriter, where are the songs after the Sex Pistols? It’s just annoying.”

Earlier this month, rare copy of the Sex Pistols classic ‘God Save The Queen’ went on sale online for £10,000. In November, meanwhile, a university academic recently campaigned to have graffiti drawn by the Sex Pistols on the walls of their London flat, declared to be a national landmark.

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