Malcolm McLaren: ‘Sid didn’t kill Nancy’

Pistols boss also claims Vicious' mother smuggled him heroin hidden in her vagina

Former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren has said he “can’t believe” Sid Vicious killed his girlfriend Nancy Spungen.

Vicious died of a heroin overdose 30 years ago on February 2, while on bail over Spungen‘s death in October 1978.

Writing in a blog on The Daily Beast, McLaren declared that Vicious was incapable of killing Spungen, who was the bassist’s girlfriend at the time.


“I was stunned when I first heard this and I still can’t believe it,” he wrote. “Sid was capable of a wide range of self-destructive acts, but I didn’t think that he could kill someone, especially his girlfriend, unless it was a botched double suicide.”

McLaren has a theory that Spungen, who was staying with Vicious in New York‘s Chelsea Hotel at the time of her murder, was killed after getting in a fight with someone who had stolen money from the couple’s room.

“He [Vicious] passed out on the bed, having taken fistfuls of Tuinal. All around him, drug dealers, friends of Nancy came and went from Room 100. Money was stolen and Sid’s knife was taken from the wall where it was hung and seemingly used by someone defending themselves in a struggle with Nancy.

Nancy was no pushover. I tried having her kidnapped in London and put on a plane back to New York.

“Probably, she caught this person stealing money from the bedroom drawer.”

Elsewhere in the blog, McLaren revealed that Vicious‘ mother Anne Beverley smuggled the star heroin hidden in her vagina while he was being held at Riker’s Island jail.


Sid‘s mother, Anne, was kind enough and helped him wherever she could,” he wrote. “A small-time drug dealer, she smuggled heroin in her vagina to Sid at Riker’s Island, a detention center in New York where he was awaiting trial for the murder of Nancy.”

While McLaren praised Vicious‘ as being the embodiment of punk rock, calling him ” the ultimate DIY Punk Idol”, NME’s Office Blog takes a different stance on the life of the star.

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