John Lydon reveals he nearly performed Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’

Sex Pistols frontman says he was 'close to doing it two years ago'

John Lydon has revealed that he was close to performing some of Pink Floyd‘s classic album ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’.

In an interview with Stool Pigeon, the Sex Pistols man explained that he was invited to perform a track when Pink Floyd‘s Roger Waters performed in Los Angeles in 2008, but turned down the offer.

“Two years ago when they came to LA, they asked me would I come on and do a bit of ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ with them and the idea thrilled me no end.” Lydon revealed. “Well no, it would have been very, very neat but it stunk a little in my head of ‘What am I doing here? I just don’t want to do it’, but I wanted to do it, but just not when 20,000 people were there.'”

He added: “I came so close to doing it, it felt like I was trying to set myself up as some kind of pretentious person. I’m very wary of the jam session end of things.”

Despite not taking them up on the offer, Lydon confessed that he is still open to the idea.

“I’d have gone to a studio and played around with it there, but not for the bigger picture,” he admitted. “Privately. I’d love to go into the studio and do something with the album with them.”