Kelly Osbourne calls John Lydon a ‘bitter old queen’ – Tabloid Hell

Ozzy's daughter hits out after Sex Pistols man slams her dad

John Lydon has been branded a “bitter old queen” by Kelly Osbourne after the Sex Pistols man insulted her dad, Ozzy.

Lydon had told Birmingham’s Sunday Mercury that he was a fan of Black Sabbath’s album ‘Paranoid’, but also had some choice words about the singer.

Ozzy now acting like a senile delinquent is unimpressive,” he said. “The sly innuendo of promoting drug abuse and catatonic stupidity offends me. Ozzy is clearly a victim, and selling that loser lifestyle shit to other people equally victimises them.”

He added: “That’s a shame. Ozzy’s a working class man like me, yet he allows that to happen. By acting like he does all the time he implies that we’re all stupid, the working classes. But we’re not, you know.”

Now Kelly Osbourne has hit back at the butter advert-starring frontman by suggesting that Lydon was stirring up trouble to generate publicity for his book, Mr Rotten’s Scrap Book.

“People only say things like this when they want attention,” she told Closer. “And guess what? He has a book to promote! The truth is, I don’t think he’s ever met my father. I think it’s sad when you resort to talking shit about someone else in order to get yourself press.”

She added: “Stop being such a bitter old queen, John! You’re better than that.”