John Lydon slams ‘Aimless Winehouse’ for ‘imitating black music’

Sex Pistol hits out at the singer's 'idiotic' jazz style

Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon has hit out at Amy Winehouse, criticising her for “imitating black music in her idiotic way”.

The star added that he believes artists who embrace jazz are just covering up for a lack of talent.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Lydon said: “Poor old Amy. Aimless Winehouse would be a better term. I love all kinds of music but the one thing I have never done is imitate black music in her idiotic way.

“There’s not a single word that means anything. It’s not like these songs are deeply moving or inspirational or cultural in any way you could find useful.”

Referring to his distrust of artists influenced by jazz, the punk icon said: “I don’t like pale imitations and shades of things and I am always wary when people go jazzy because jazz is the best cover up for a lack of talent the world has ever known. It don’t wash real with me.

“And the cover up for her which is probably the guilt trip is that she requires vast amounts of drugs to hide the fact that she is fake.”

As well as branding Coldplay “passion killers” and calling Pete Doherty “selfish and cowardly”, Lydon spoke out against the Isle Of Wight Festival, which the Sex Pistols headlined in June, saying: “It is orchestrated deckchair seating and gay rainbow flag waving. It’s very, very absurd.”