The Sex Pistols threaten to kill Isle Of Wight crowd

Plus John Lydon calls The Police 'bumholes' at headline show

The Sex Pistols played a headline slot at the Isle Of Wight Festival tonight (June 14), during which singer John Lydon threatened to murder audience members, called tomorrow’s (June 15) headliners The Police “bumholes”, downed liquor from the bottle, paid tribute to Iggy Pop and footballer Paul Gascoigne then complained about the lack of “fanny” in the crowd.

The raucous show, which began at 10:40pm (BST) and ended just after midnight, saw the band play classics including ‘God Save The Queen’, ”Anarchy In The UK’ and ‘Pretty Vacant’.

“Good evening Isle Of Wight,” Lydon said as he took the stage wearing a baggy stripy top and clutching a black book. “Tonight we will be singing songs from the book of Sod‘s law. Sing along or fucking die.”


The band then played a cheesy pop version of ‘Pretty Vacant’, before launching into the full rock version. Guitarist Steve Jones was sporting a t-shirt emblazoned with the ‘God Save The Queen’ logo, while drummer Paul Cook wore the logo on his black hoodie.

“Reserve that for Gazza,” Lydon said before leading his band through ‘New York’, referring to applause from the crowd. “He’s back in. He’s done a lot of good things for England – apart from signing for Tottenham. He’s one of us, don’t let the posh bastards grind you down.”

Later in the set the outspoken singer complained about the quality of bands on the festival bill, saying there were “still fucking homo bands coming up here.”

He then berated the crowd for not cheering loud enough. “You really are fucking quiet,” he said. “You’re killing the buzz. Are you getting revved up for The Police or something? And I do mean both those bumholes in blue.”

Lydon went on to dedicate the band’s cover of Iggy Pop‘s ‘No Fun’ to the man who sang the original. Pop had played the song on the main stage earlier in the day with his own band, The Stooges.

“There’s not much fanny here,” Lydon moaned after finishing the song. “It’s all blokes. Put your tits away – I’m in trouble with the courts of law for that sort of thing.”


After playing ‘EMI’ The Sex Pistols walked off stage, then returned for an extended version of ‘Anarchy In The UK’. The crowd (including Ian Brown, who cheered from the guest area) sang along loudly to the death, continuing to do so as the band members apart from the singer left the stage again, leaving only Lydon and the audience bellowing out the song together.

The Sex Pistols then returned for a brief second encore, covering Hawkwind‘s ‘Silver Machine’.

The Sex Pistols played:

‘Pretty Vacant (alternative version)’

‘Pretty Vacant’


‘Baghdad Was A Blast’

‘I’m A Lazy Sod’

‘New York’

‘No Feeling’


‘Holidays In The Sun’


‘(I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone’

‘No Fun’


‘God Save The Queen’


‘Anarchy In The UK’

‘Silver Machine’

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