Sex Pistols fans rally efforts to get ‘God Save The Queen’ into charts

Your thoughts on the punk anthem

Music fans across the world have joined efforts to fire the Sex Pistols’God Save The Queen’ back into the UK singles chart.

Although only music buyers in Britain can count towards sales for Sunday’s (October 14) chart, fans around the globe have backed the campaign to get the record as close to Number One as possible.

According to mid-week chart figures, the punk anthem is in the Top 40, but a download push over the next two days could see it rise up towards the Top Ten, and possibly even higher.

NME.COM is backing a campaign to send the record back to Number One next week after it was cheated out of the top spot 30 years ago.

’God Save The Queen’ was denied its rightful place at Number One because the authorities feared the punk anthem would spoil the Queen’s Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1977.

We want to right that wrong and are encouraging everyone to buy the record this week (from October 8) as the track is reissued on vinyl.

Either head down the record shop now or you can buy it from or other downloaders like iTunes.

In the meantime, he is a selection of your comments:

“Before I got into music, when I was about fourteen (five years ago), I first heard ’God Save The Queen’ and it totally blew me away. It was the rawest, most powerful record I had ever heard. I’d never heard anything like it. When it was actually released some 30 odd years ago it just drilled in the fact how fresh and powerful it really sounds. The Pistols opened the door for music to me. That record means so much to me!”

Russel, Barnsley

“Well, what can you say about Sex Pistols ’God Save The Queen’. I bought it on the day of its first release on 27 May 1977(my 18th birthday). Over 30 years later I have heard loads of great records but nothing to touch this. Over 30 years later I have seen thousands of bands live but nothing to touch the Sex Pistols. The opening guitar riffs with those amazing Lydon vocals. They were the right band with the right songs for me at the right time. Just perfect. Even as I am now aged 48 I look after the London arm of the Sex Pistols[/]a website and can’t wait for their upcoming Brixton shows.

Well done to the NME for getting the ball rolling to make it a hit again.”

Ray Morrissey,

“When I heard ’God Save The Queen’ pounding out of a classroom window one lunchtime in 1977, I knew I had found kindred spirits – a rare thing in Christchurch, New Zealand, especially

in a large high school dominated by a ‘blokes and rugby’ culture. I

raced to the upstairs classroom and found aspiring punks playing the kind of music I was growing to love. They too had discovered [a]The

Ramones, The Clash, The Damned, Pistols etc. It was a musical heaven, a gathering of like minds, a band of brothers – sharing a love of music that gave a few shy adolescents the fuel to be brash, confident teenagers (at last). ’God Save The Queen’ was life changing.”

Mike Jaspers, Wellington, New Zealand

’God Saves The Queen’ is one of the most important examples of the voice of people power against authority ever. Its relentless energy and balls to the wall passion shows up most of today’s ‘cutting edge music’. A local rapper (from Dundee) has done a freestyle remix of the song you should check it out –”

Rapture Club, Dundee

“When I heard how ’God Save The Queen’ was prevented from reaching Number One it made my blood boil. After purchasing it I am going to go one step further and buy a few albums by the Sex Pistols and tell my friends to do the same. The attitude and raw sound of the song just emphasizes the lack of said attitude and meaning in most modern music. Go The Pistols!”

Brian, Perth, Western Australia