Sex Pistols to record new material?

John Lydon hints that his band could enter the studio

John Lydon has hinted that the Sex Pistols could record new material.

The punk pioneers have reformed to play seven UK dates next month.

“Would we make any new stuff? Maybe,” Lydon told The Sun. “Only if the vibe was right. I’m never going to force myself back into that.

“There’s many aspects of the Pistols I love and adore, but there’s a lot I don’t. I’ve got my solo stuff, I’ve got Public Image. I’m doing an awful lot of TV work, which I love.”

Meanwhile, NME.COM is organising a campaign to get the band’s classic single ‘God Save The Queen’ to Number One.

The song was denied the top spot by the powers that be when it was originally released in 1977 because they didn’t want the band’s punk attitude interfering with the Queen‘s Jubilee that year.

As the single is being reissued on seven-inch vinyl to celebrate its 30th anniversary, we are calling on all fans to buy or download it during the week beginning October 8 and hopefully we can send it back up the charts.