Sex Pistols classic: fans and stars aim to send punk anthem to top of charts

'God Save The Queen' could finally be Number One after 1977 ban

Sex Pistols’ classic anthem ’God Save The Queen’ is re-released on Monday (October 8) and NME.COM is calling on fans to help get it to Number One this time around.

When the punk anthem was first released in 1977 it made it to Number Two in the singles charts, however there was a strong suspicion that the authorities had banned the track from topping the charts, as it was the Queen’s Silver Jubilee and the song’s anti-authoritarian power was deemed unacceptable to the Establishment.

Those responsible for collating the chart suspiciously refused to deny the track had been banned from Number One, but Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon has told NME.COM he firmly believes the band were victims of a conspiracy.

“Let’s be honest it was Number One anyway,” he declared. “They were taking us as a serious threat to an establishment and an industry. We were discussed in the Houses Of Parliament under the Treason Act!”

Well, now there’s a chance to right that historical wrong and NME and NME.COM are calling all music fans to send ’God Save The Queen’ to the Number One spot in the UK.

The song will be re-released on special seven-inch vinyl on October 8. Plus, with downloads now counting towards the single’s chart, we want YOU to head down to the shops or download the track in your droves all of next week.

If you want you can buy the song now from and it will count towards next week’s chart.

And you’ll be in good company, practically every band we’ve mentioned the ’God Save The Queen’ Number One campaign to has started gushing like a super-fan about how much they love the song and how relevant it still is today.

From now until the chart is announced on October 14, we’ll be running daily tributes from the likes of Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails, Blondie, Beastie Boys, Klaxons and many more who are backing the campaign.

Plus encouraging you to help not only right a punk-rock wrong, but also – for a week at least – have a Number One that’s actually a good song for once.