John Lydon to represent Ireland in Eurovision Song Contest?

John Lydon could well be set to represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

According to reports, the Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd punk icon has teamed up with songwriter Niall Mooney to enter a ‘country punk’ song called ‘Please To Meet You’ to RTE’s Eurosong competition – the winner of which will go on to represent the country at Eurovision. Lydon’s manager John Rambo Stevens has confirmed that Lydon will take part if the song is accepted.

“It would be a great honour for me to represent Ireland for the Eurovision Song contest,” John ‘Johnny Rotten’ Lydon told The Irish Sun.


Speaking about their potential collaboration, Mooney revealed: “RTE told us to find singers who are used to playing to big crowds, a catchy song and, most of all, something unexpected which has never been done before at Eurovision.”

He continued: “I wrote to Johnny’s management, describing the idea of Johnny representing Ireland in Eurovision. They came back to me saying, ‘You may be surprised but we totally get this’.”

Writing on Twitter about why Lydon would be perfect for Eurovision, Mooney added: “Son of Irish parents living in London during the height of the troubles – I couldn’t think of a more relevant entrant to send from Ireland considering where the world is now.”


The Eurovision Song Contest 2018 will take place from Tuesday 8 – Saturday 12 May in Lisbon, Portugal.

Meanwhile, Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones recently downplayed the chances of another reunion.

“To be honest with you, I wouldn’t even do it for Rolling Stones’ money at this point. I just can’t be bothered, Jones told NME. “I’m over it, you know? Doing them songs again – yeah, it’d be great to get a bunch of money but it’s just knackered, you know what I mean?”

Asked if he regretted the band’s previous reunions, Jones replied: “No, I don’t. It just gets old quick. It just feels like you’re just going through the motions – it’s not very exhilarating. It’s like ‘well, okay, I’ll look at me watch after four songs and I’ve got like ten more to go and then I’m done’ and that isn’t the attitude, it’s not coming from the right place.

Sure, who doesn’t like a bit of cash but the older I get the furthest I get from wanting to do anything with the Pistols again.”

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