Brothers Mick and John Head storm off stage after two songs at low-key acoustic gig...

SHACK brothers MICK and JOHN HEAD smashed up their accoustic guitars in a fury and stormed off stage after two songs during a London gig last night.

The two were playing a low-key set during a party at East London’s Tardis venue to launch new music website, but from the outset of the gig, it was clear Shack frontman Mick was unhappy with the party’s PA system.

Matters were made worse due to the fact that few of the assembled partygoers were interested in watching the band.


After a rendition of ‘Matilda’, from ‘The Magical World Of The Strands’ album, and an aborted take on ‘Undecided’, from ‘Waterpistol’, the poor sound quality worsened and Mick‘s guitar stopped coming through the PA.

This was cue for John Head to smash his guitar to pieces, fall over, then leave the stage. Left on his own, Mick followed his brother’s lead and smashed up his guitar and microphone as well.

Producer Arthur Baker, who masterminded the BBC charity version of the Rolling Stones’‘It’s Only Rock And Roll (But I Like It)’, witnessed the Who-style walkout and later told NME: “I thought it was great.”

A spokesman for Shack said: “I can understand the band’s frustration. the vocal sound wasn’t good and the crowd were making more noise than the band. That’s kind of what you expect at a party.”

The show may be the last from Shack for a while, as they have yet to announce any further live plans this year. There are no plans to release anymore singles from last year’s acclaimed ‘HMS Fable’ album either.