Mike Head and co. serenade 200 lucky punters and its all in a good cause...

SHACK played a low-key charity fund raiser at The Picket in their native Liverpool on Friday last (March 3).

The band worked through an hour-long set in front of an audience of around 200. They were raising money to help a local man in his bid to walk the Great Wall Of China. The walk will raise funds for the National Society for the Deaf.

Shack agreed to perform at the show after being approached by Toni Mallon, a mutual friend of both themselves and the man walking the wall.

It is not the first time they have played at The Picket. The four piece, who were joined on the night by local bands Ism, Zeb and Sizer Barker, have made countless appearances at the venue, part of a Community Resource Centre, dating back to their original incarnation as the Pale Fountains.

Meanwhile Shack release new single ‘Oscar’ through Laurel on Monday (March 6).