Michael Head in conversation with on songwriting, craftsmanship and Cerys Mathews...

SHACK‘s new album, the long awaited ‘HMS Fable’ is released today and despite not being playlisted by Radio 1 – because they’re apparently “too traditional” – are picking up rave reviews from press and fans alike.

You’ll be seeing Shack at various festivals around the country over the next few months, but caught up with Michael Head and brother/bandmate John Head at their exclusive show at London’s legendary 100 Club recently and you can see the interview here.

Does it matter if ‘Comedy’ goes into the charts or not?How do Shack write songs?Do Michael and John collaborate?How did they get on with Cerys of Catatonia?

To hear these and other words of wisdom from Michael Head, you’ll need the latest version of RealPlayer which you can download by clicking here.