And, of course, NME.COM was there to give you the lowdown on 'Ali G Indahouse'...

ALI G arrived in style to introduce the first full screening of his movie ‘ALI G INDAHOUSE’ at the ODEON WEST END in LONDON last night (March 6) – and NME.COM were there to give you the first report on one of the most talked about films of the year.

The star of a show, dressed in a red ‘pimp’ suit, arrived in a limo, before introducing the film to a packed audience. He thanked the film’s producers, Working Title, claiming that they gave him “12 million squid” to make the movie, 11 million of which was given to the “Amsterdam Tokers’ Paradise Coffee Shop”.

Ali, played by Sacha Baron Cohen, also told the audience that “If there are a load of people who look like knobheads in here that’s because they are journalists reviewing the film”, going on to say “There’s something for everyone. The Times will love the well clever political satire. The Guardian will love the batty boys. And The Star will love the man sucking off a horse.”


The comedy, which also stars ‘The Office”s Martin Freeman, Rhona Mitra and Charles Dance, sees Ali become a Member of Parliament as a result of trying to save his local leisure centre. He then becomes unwittingly embroiled in a political scandal which forces the Prime Minister to resign. Ali knows the real story, but in order to save the innocent PM, he must unite all the warring posses – including his arch rivals The East Staines Massive.

The big shock is the sheer filthiness of the movie, which includes a gay sex scene and frequent references to bestiality and masturbation. Less surprising are the almost constant marijuana references.

The audience reaction was generally appreciative, although there were complaints afterwards that the movie is somewhat predictable and a little crude.

‘Ali G Indahouse’ is scheduled to open on March 22 in the UK.