And the comedy character has come in for criticism from the Jewish community for his recent swearing outburst...

ALI G joined Shaggy onstage in LONDON last night (February 18) for a run through their soon to be released duet, ‘ME JULIE’.

The hip-hop would-be superstar bounded onstage at Wembley Arena during the beginning of the encore, resplendent in an over-sized orange jumpsuit. He responded to Shaggy‘s cry of ‘Big up Staines’ with ‘Big up Jamaica’.

However, no mention was made of his now notorious appearance on Radio 1’s Breakfast Show that morning. On the show, Ali G made a series of near-the-knuckle remarks, such as about his body – “You know me knob, me weldin’ torch… too big, you know,” before rounding off a half-hour interview by saying “Motherfucker.”


Radio 1 say they will not censure any of the production team involved with the show, and that only a few complaints were registered. However, Sacha Baron Cohen, the creator of alter ego Ali G, has come under fire from Jewish groups within his own community.

A scathing open letter to Cohen, who has always been keen to stress his faith, has been posted by powerful website www.jewish.co.uk. It slams Ali G as “an out-of-date and out-of-touch character” who has “bored… and embarrassed” the Jewish community.

Calling on Cohen to stop being a “schmuck”, it goes on: “[Ali G’s] original incarnation as a clueless interviewer taking on politicians and other figureheads was original and inventive… However, somewhere in your psyche you have lost the plot and decided to exploit the situation by going for the lowest common denominator which is mockery of people… From the crassness of your appearance at the MTV Awards through to the recent Radio 1 four-letter outbursts, you have shown yourself to be quite nasty.

“The fact that you are now resorting to cheap insults and even cheaper

material to get attention just proves the character has run its course… As you should know, cheap jokes at other people’s expense does not win you many friends, and as someone who is so obviously Jewish, your continual pathetic and stereotypical humour does not win the Jewish community much respect either.”

It concludes: “Comedy, as you should be aware, should be shared and not be allowed to become one-sided. What you have achieved is one-sided disrespect.”


Cohen has yet to respond to the letter.