Shaggy claims to be ‘back from the dead’ as he blames label for lack of ‘massive hits’

Singer released his last Number One single in 2001

Crossover reggae singer Shaggy has claimed the reason for his musical decline over the past decade has been due to “issues” relating to his management and record label.

Earlier on Wednesday (July 22), the ‘It Wasn’t Me’ hitmaker appeared on ITV’s This Morning, describing himself as “back from the dead”.

Shaggy stated: “I had some management issues and some label issues. Like people go through different things in their career”.

The singer carried on to say that his “creative freedom” was taken away from him by management as soon as he released, what he calls, “big massive hits”.

“When you get really big hits and your label is making $150million they are people who are now interested in what you do. They are going to begin to tell you what to do and so you become important”.

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Despite it being fourteen years since his last Number One single, 2001’s ‘Angel’, the singer says he’s “back from the dead”, with the timing perfect due to the fact he is now surrounded by “the right team”.

Shaggy also warned upcoming artists to “be careful what you wish for” when hoping for “really big hits”.

The singer’s last release was 2014 single ‘Habibi (I Need Your Love)’, which has since received over 54 million views on YouTube. Watch that video below.