Problems arise from a parental complaint that the lyrics to 'It Wasn't Me' are too sexually explicit...

A ban on music in a US school sparked by protests against SHAGGY’s lyrics has led to a walk-out from over 250 students.

According to the South Bend Tribune newspaper in the US, the students organised a demonstration outside the Penn High School in Mishawaka, Indiana, on Friday (March 2). They were concerned about school officials’ decision to ban radio from school buses and buildings across the region.

The ban was originally brought about after a parent complained that the lyrics to Shaggy’s current Number One single ‘It Wasn’t Me’ were too sexually explicit. The parent claimed the song was aired on a radio on a school bus.

Speaking at the protest, senior student Blake Heberle commented: “Penn High School is a public school, paid for and run by the people, for the people… As a public school, it must follow the laws of our land. It cannot arbitrarily ban our First Amendment rights because it does not agree with the message. The Bill of Rights are not suggestions. They are laws.”

Another student added: “Our parents don’t approve of our music and when they were teenagers, their parents didn’t like their music. It’s a cycle. That’s how it’s always been.”

A meeting to discuss the issue has been organised for March 9.

In related news, according to MTV a teacher has resigned from a school in Tipton, Iowa, after a student’s parents complained that a project on Eminem led to her finding inappropriate material on the Internet.

The teacher, Cassie Johnson, said: “Eminem is a mainstream artist. He’s played on the radio, and the kids know who he is. They were really excited about this project because it put them in charge of their learning. I just didn’t think that it would be right for the kids who had been working on this for a month to throw it into the trash.”