The 'It Wasn't Me' star is criticising her for dumping Puff Daddy during his courtcase...

SHAGGY has blasted JENNIFER LOPEZ for dumping SEAN ‘PUFFY’ COMBS in the middle of his court case.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM, Shaggy – who last night (March 4) stormed back to the top of the UK singles chart selling 345,000 copies of his single ‘It Wasn’t Me’ – accused her of splitting with him because it might harm her career.

“You don’t ditch the motherfucker when you’re down. I think she’s been advised by a lot of people to ditch this motherfucker because, hey, career-wise it’s not a good career choice to be associated with the guy.

“But if you dig the motherfucker, you’re going to hang around. That’s just my feeling and that’s just an opinion. I don’t know what went down between them, so you know it’s probably a legitimate reason why she jetted, but, you know, at a time like this, it does look kind of fuckin’ shady.”

Shaggy, who is also topping the US album charts for the fourth week in a row with his latest release ‘Hotshot’, described his overwhelming comeback success as striking a blow for reggae.

“It’s good. I’ve been doing this for 10 to 12 years now and it’s nice to see it climax where I want it to be, five million records and counting. It’s wonderful. It’s overwhelming. It’s good, not just for Shaggy but for every single reggae artist.”

He admitted, however, that he is “holding on tight” as he rides the wave of success: “I’m like a surfer right now. I’m just surfing the wave. Except I can’t swim, so I’m on the board and trying to hold on tight.”

He added that being dumped by his previous record label helped fuel his desire to triumph. “I’m smarter now. I think it’s the fact that when you look at reggae music, there really is no success story. The only success story is Bob Marley. You got a Shabba Ranks who might come out with one or two singles, but there wasn’t a follow-up… As far as the industry is concerned, it’s always, ‘OK, reggae guy, he’s hot for the moment and as soon as it runs out, spit it out.’ That’s kind of what they were thinking about Shaggy, but now I just had to prove them wrong and showed them that you can be stars.”

Shaggy also spoke to NME.COM about the trouble he had over his album track ‘Angel’, which samples Steve Miller’s ‘The Joker’ and borrows lyrically from the song ‘Angel Of The Morning’, which was recorded by Juice Newton in 1981.

“The original writer of ‘Angel Of The Morning’ [Chip Taylor, who also wrote ‘Wild Thing’], came to my house. We sat down and had some champagne and he was happy. I just gave him a lot of money. Steve Miller, he was being an ass, but at the end of the day I gave him some money, he’s alright.”