Sham 69 guitarist hits back in singer feud

The band react to Jimmy Pursey's exit

Sham 69 guitarist Dave Parsons has hit back at suggestions that the band have abdandoned their singer Jimmy Pursey.

As previously reported on NME.COM, the band sacked the frontman following his “lack of interest in playing live” and “pulling out of gigs at the last moment”.

Pursey compared his sacking to a “mutiny on the bounty” and he accused his band mates of “jumping ship”.


But Parsons now claims that the split was also down to Pursey not paying the band properly after their most recent London shows.

“The end came in the dressing room after our gig at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire after Jimmy informed the band he was only paying us a tiny proportion of the gig money,” he said. “To make matters worse he told us that he was paying us none of the £6,000 gig money from our previous (Hammersmith) Palais gig – interesting considering he claims not to be interested in the money, and also that the Empire gig was an all-day punk event which he claims he doesn’t do.”

He continued: “I would have liked nothing more than to have sat down with Jimmy and talked this over like adults, which I tried to do at the (Shepherd’s Bush) Empire gig, but unfortunately as soon as he hears something he doesn’t like, he starts screaming and shouting.”

Pursey argued that the split had much to do with him re-recording Sham 69‘s famous hit ‘Hurry Up Harry’ with Graham Coxon for the World Cup last summer, which forced the band to cancel a series of dates in South America.

But Parsons said: “Sham were supposed to play on the ‘Hurry Up England’ track. The next thing the band knew was that he’d gone in the studio and recorded it without us knowing, using Graham Coxon‘s band. Jimmy claims that he never wanted to do that England track. We all know if he really hadn’t wanted to do it he wouldn’t have done. During this period a whole load of gigs were cancelled at the last moment leaving the band high and dry while Jimmy concentrated on being a star again.”

Although Pursey has vowed to keep the band’s name, Parsons claims that he is determined to carry on as Sham 69 with drummer Ian Whitewood.


He added: “Sham 69 is my life’s work as a musician and songwriter and no matter what Jimmy says or does, we will be continuing as Sham 69.”