Shame and Fat White Family announce tiny Brixton Windmill gig

It's a fundraiser for Dale Barclay of the Amazing Snakeheads who has brain cancer

Shame and Fat White Family are playing an incredibly intimate show at The Windmill in Brixton to raise money for musician Dale Barclay, who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer.

Barclay was the frontman of cult rock outfit The Amazing Snakeheads, who released one album Amphetamine Ballads in 2014 to critical acclaim. They then split in 2015.

To help raise money for the musician, who launched a campaign on GoFundMe, Shame have announced that they, Fat White Family and fellow South London outfit Peeping Drexels will be playing a fundraising show at the Windmill in Brixton next Tuesday (August 7).


Fans can get tickets to the super-intimate show by donating £20 or more to the fundraiser and commenting ‘Windmill’.


arclay, who now plays in And Yet It Moves was diagnosed with grade four Glioblastoma brain cancer late last year at the age of 32.

“I have had one craniotomy which removed 90% of the initial tumour,” he wrote. “After that, I did six weeks of radiotherapy and six months of a clinical trial alongside chemotherapy. My tumour has two mutations which make it rarer than average (had to be!). The cancer has returned. The fight continues with the power to face it raging in me.”

He continues: “There is no doubt, whatsoever, that I’ll be living with cancer for as long as I am alive. However time pans out, it’s here, it’s now and it’s not going anywhere. The NHS have been stellar, true heroes – too many to mention. They have done everything in their power for me, but my treatment from here on out is going to cost money. I need specialist care. I am officially a customer. This is the reality.”

Bands including ShameFranz Ferdinand and Honeyblood have taken to Twitter to lend their support. Read their tributes here.