Watch Shame play their cover of ‘Feliz Navidad’ live for the first time

The band said they "finally caved to peer pressure"

Shame have finally played their cover of ‘Feliz Navidad’ live for the first time during a show at Élysée Montmartre in Paris. They performed the track with their support band, Sorry.

The band released the cover back at the beginning of November, complete with artwork that showed Santa as the band’s new onstage mascot.

Sharing a video of the performance on Twitter, the band wrote: “we finally caved to peer pressure and played feliz navidad live. never again. ft @sorrybanduk.”


See that tweet and watch the video below.

Last month, Shame frontman Charlie Steen opened up about the impact that touring life can have on an artist’s mental health.

Echoing comments he made to NME earlier this year, Steen has said that while he feels he’s in a privileged position, the strains of life on the road should not be underestimated.

“Touring is amazing in a lot of aspects,” he told the Irish Times. “But it’s mentally and physically draining. It’s a world of excess. You spend most of the time staring at the wall in a dressing room – three hours fiddling your thumbs. Or you’re at a party. Or else you’re in a van with the same people you’ve been with since you were eight.”


He continued: “It’s hard work, constantly playing these shows and never making any money. You’re working your arse off all the time. But then I guess that’s the story of most people’s lives. It’s better than working nine to five.”

Speaking to NME for Shame’s cover feature, Steen said: “Any band that has to endure the mental strain of sleep deprivation and constant moving will experience that. We gigged and gigged until it broke us – and it eventually broke my mind.”