Shame, Porridge Radio, Sorry and more contribute to ‘Group Therapy Vol. 1’ charity compilation

The release will raise funds for The Music Venues Trust and NHS Charities Together

Shame, Porridge Radio, Sorry, Deep Tan, Gengahr, Pixx, 404 Guild and more have contributed to a new charity compilation, called ‘Group Therapy Vol. 1’.

The collection, which was released on Bandcamp earlier today (May 22), is raising money for The Music Venues Trust and NHS Charities Together.

The record features 65 “demos, remixes, covers and everything in between from artists across the UK” and costs £7. On the Bandcamp page, organisers Tash and Ella wrote: “Thanks to The Music Venue Trust for all their work protecting grassroots venues. Thank you to all the NHS staff and key workers working tirelessly to keep us safe during this pandemic.”


Porridge Radio
Porridge Radio CREDIT: Fiona Garden/NME

The full tracklisting for ‘Group Therapy Vol. 1’ is below. Download the charity release here.

Porridge Radio – ‘Circling Something’
Tony Njoku – ‘Falling Flux (Live)’
Natalie Whiteland – ‘Circe (Demo)’
Rosie Alena – ‘Cruel Lover (Stripped Back)’
Avice Caro – ‘Meet Me Halfway (Cover)’
PIXX & Gams – ‘Kathy’s Song’
Happyness – ‘Vegetable (Live From The Fruit Bowl)’
Social Contract – ‘Foisted (Demo)’
Gengahr – ‘Candle Karma (Demo)’
Mushy P – ‘Dunno How’
Blue Mousse – ‘Girls On The Beach’
Mellah – ‘Jimmy Picket’
Call Me Bernard – ‘Another Green Maggot’
Holy Motors – ‘Choose Your World’
Robbie & Mona – ‘FRANTASTIC’
PLENTY – ‘Riree (Laughter Mix)’
Pet Grotesque – ‘Ms Beautiful’
Sterile Lover – ‘Involuntary Holiday’
Pet Shimmers – ‘I Love To Like You’
Max Bloom – ‘Seeing Eye Dog (Cover)’
Uncle Tesco – ‘Goodbye Pup’
Bingo Fury – ‘Ludwig (Demo)’
LICE – ‘Cargo’
Uncle Ill Figure – ‘Swan (Demo)’
Oscar Browne – ‘Blue (Casio Redux)’
Sorry – ‘Ur My Cure (Demo)’
Doggish – ‘Filthy’
Hotel Lux – ‘Pulp’
Deep Tan – ‘Ripen (Demo)’
Ugly – ‘Blister [Voyeur Stream]’
The Cool Greenhouse – ‘Prospects (Demo)’
Mr Blunt Trauma – ‘Chain Link Fence’

Sorry CREDIT: Press

POZI – ‘Life Is A Kinder Egg’
Blue Bendy – ‘BF Minimum (Blue Bendy Maximum Remix)’
Legss – ‘5 Live (Live At The Styx)’
Gramps – ‘Hard To Tell’
Wiliam Carkeet – ‘Sinical I Died At The Top Of The Stairs Putting My Socks On’
Dirty Streethearts – ‘Suburban Ass Summer’
Krush Puppies – ‘Slay The Dragon’
Sleep Eaters – ‘Creatures From The Canal’
Mystic Peach – ‘The Eye & The Twitch’
Lacuna Common – ‘Not The Same (Live)’
Treeboy & Arc – ‘Fishing FC (Demo)’
Shame – Where’s Bill Grundy Now (Cover)’
The Lounge Society – ‘Generation Game (Live From The Trades Club)’
Ricky Stanstead & Seamus O’Reagan – ‘Deep Heat’
Two Tribes – ‘Sally Free & Easy (Cover)’
404 Guild – ‘Fearful (Demo)’
Limezoda – ‘Return To Love Stage 7 (Demo)’
Vell – ‘ปลายเปิด’ 
Brother Laurie – ‘Fifteen (Demo Mix)’
DJ Dairy – ‘tcharlamet (Demo)’
Sexy princess – ‘comp 001 re-imagined’
Savage Gary – ‘Seeds’
Glows – ‘Champion Song (feat. Limezoda & Caroline Pini)’
PVA – ‘Divine Intervention (Live For Dork)’
Sonic Eyes – ‘Holland Chocolates’
Jean Penne – ‘Making Space For Jesus’
Folly Group – ‘Butt No Rifle (FG’s Club Flip)’
Lazarus Kane – ‘Dean (Demo)’
Josh Baxter – ‘Nothing’
Lynks Afrikka – ‘Sexy (From Behind) [Demo]’
Good With Parents – ‘Star Girl (Cover)’
Platonic Erotica – ‘The End (Demo)’


Last month, the Music Venues Trust launched the Save Our Venues campaign in a bid to stave off the continued economic threat to over 500 grassroots music venues throughout the UK.

Earlier this week (May 19), the organisation announced 140 venues had been saved from “critical” danger for now. However, more donations and government support are required in the weeks ahead to keep the grassroots heart of the touring circuit alive.

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