Shame share new single ‘Nigel Hitter’ from upcoming album, ‘Drunk Tank Pink’

The band accompanied the new track with a deepfake video directed by Maxim Kelly

Shame have today (January 6) shared new single ‘Nigel Hitter’ – you can listen to it below.

The song, which follows the singles ‘Alphabet, Water In The Well’ and Snow Day’, is taken from the band’s much-anticipated new album, ‘Drunk Tank Pink’, which will be released on January 15 via Dead Oceans.

Shame accompanied the new track with a video directed by Maxim Kelly. The clip, which repurposes archival footage from old research centres on the development of children, uses deepfake technology, the babies start to lip sync along with the song, while the band cameo as scientists.


“’Nigel Hitter’ is one of the vital organs of ‘Drunk Tank Pink’,” frontman Charlie Steen said of the track. “A necessary pulse. Focused on daily routine, repetition, and how extraordinary any ordinary task seemed to me after coming home from touring. A world of percussion and joy lies within.”

Watch the video for ‘Nigel Hitter’ below:

‘Drunk Tank Pink’ is due out January 15 and can be pre-ordered here. See the tracklist below.

1. ‘Alphabet’
2. ‘Nigel Hitter’
3. ‘Born in Luton’
4. ‘March Day’
5. ‘Water in the Well’
6. ‘Snow Day’
7. ‘Human, for a Minute’
8. ‘Great Dog’
9. ‘6/1’
10. ‘Harsh Degrees’
11. ‘Station Wagon’

Steen said the new album emerged after the coronavirus lockdown proved a difficult adjustment, with the band having spent the last few years on the road.


“When you’re exposed to all of that for the first time you think you’re fucking indestructible,” he said. “After a few years you reach a point where you realise everyone needs a bath and a good night’s sleep sometimes.

“You become very aware of yourself and when all of the music stops, you’re left with the silence. And that silence is a lot of what this record is about. The common theme when I was catching up with my mates was this identity crisis everyone was having. No one knows what the fuck is going on.”

Back in October, Shame released new track ‘BiL’, which NME said “marks a ferocious new chapter for the South London group.”

The new offering came via a live video recorded at Electric Brixton, which was directed by filmmaker Ja Humbly – otherwise known as Molten Jets.

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