“Shit band”: Shame troll Catfish and the Bottlemen over ‘The Balance’ album announcement

"Crazy coincidence"

Shame have trolled Catfish and the Bottlemen in the wake of the Welsh band announcing their third album.

A member of Shame poked fun at the band’s announcement of ‘The Balance’ yesterday (January 26), writing: “the first letter of each of the songs on this album spell out the words ‘shit band’”.


Shame also called the record cover “clip art” and the album’s tracklist a “year 6 spelling test”.

Catfish and the Bottlemen fans were quick to call out Shame’s trolling.

One user wrote: “Catfish are a bigger band than you’ll ever be”, while another said, “Come back & talk shit about catfish when your tunes quit sounding like background music for a Skins episode.”


Other Twitter users praised the comments funny, with one fan writing “im livign for this”.

Elsewhere, some people called Shame out for a publicity stunt.


“I don’t listen to either of these bands, so I have no say about the music itself. but imagine being this desperate for attention that you actively try to start beef lol,” wrote user ‘Metakarp’.

Shame later tweeted a gif directed at Catfish fans.

Catfish and the Bottlemen’s ‘The Balance’ drops on April 26. It follows 2014’s ‘The Balcony’ and 2016’s ‘The Ride’.

In other news, Catfish recently revealed how they were pranked by Green Day while supporting the pop-punk legends on a US tour in 2017.